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to reconcile (vb.) Pronunciation: [vər’zunɪŋ]
/ˈrɛk(ə)nsʌɪl/ RECONCILE – (reconciled, to have reconciled)

Restore friendly relations between, settle (a quarrel), make or show to be compatible, (reconcile someone to) make someone accept (a disagreeable or unwelcome thing).

Anyone who feels ill at ease in a city or country has a sense of being excluded. But why is that? Our past contributes to who we are and how we respond to others. To whether we feel similar to or estranged from others. Wander along the various paths, watch, and focus on the exceptional story of many Amersfoort residents. If we see, hear and meet one another, we can all begin to move towards reconciliation

The Route to Reconciliation has been set up by ‘Art. 1 MN’ (Art. 1 Central Netherlands) with support from various partners, with the aim of ensuring that all groups in society who feel excluded are given the opportunity to restore their connection to others. We are doing this on the basis of the symbols we have in the city, which often remind us of the past. This past was experienced by some as a golden age but for others as a time of pain and exclusion.

Art.1 MN thus hopes to contribute towards expanding understanding in society, for instance about why some people are more sensitive about certain topics than others. And to ensure, on a local level, that our city actively works on creating space for awareness, understanding, reconciliation and respect for all other environments.


Art.1 Midden Nederland
Kaap Hoorndreef 42 3563 AV Utrecht

telefoon: 030 – 232 86 66

De Route van Verzoening is met zorg samengesteld met als doel bezoekers te informeren, bewustwording te vergroten en het gesprek op gang te brengen. Helaas kan het voorkomen dat informatie onvolledig, onjuist of niet meer actueel wordt weergegeven. We behouden ons het recht voor om informatie te wijzigen. Er kunnen geen rechten worden ontleend aan de aangeboden informatie.

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