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Route of Commemorative Plaques

22. Madoerastraat 21

This was the home of SALOMON ALEXANDER WOLF
Murdered in Auschwitz on 03/09/1943

Salomon Alexander Wolf was born in Doesburg on 5 November 1905. is parents David Wolf and Dina van Gelder used to call him Alex. In 1908, he gained a brother, Leo. Father David Wolf had a shop which provided an income. When Alex was 15, his mother died. A year later, his father married Grietje van Buuren. Alex left home soon afterwards. He started working as a salesman/merchant. After his wedding to German Tea Hanauer on 22 December 1933 in Koblenz, he went to live in Germany and became involved in one of the three shops selling ladies’ and gentlemen’s clothing, owned by his in-laws.

Photo by Elany Koopman ROC

Fleeing to Amsterdam

When Tea was pregnant with their son Lex, they decided to leave Germany and move to Amsterdam. From 16 July 1935 to 23 July 1936, they lived with Alex’s brother at IJsselstraat in Amsterdam. They then moved to 2e Molenbeekstraat. In December 1936, their son David Alexander (Lex) Wolf was born. Mother-in-law Minna, now widowed, moved in with them at a later date and they then moved around various addresses in Amsterdam.

Madoerastraat 21 Amersfoort

In 1939 they moved to Amersfoort. On 1 May of that year, they registered at Madoerastraat 21, but as a result of this house being requisitioned by the Germans, had to find another hide-out address in 1942. Alex and Tea went to Van Asch van Wijckstraat 2 and Minna went back to Amsterdam where she died soon afterwards. Alex’s last address was in Amersfoort. He went into hiding in Naarden but was arrested and ended up in Camp Westerbork (barrack 67) on 26 August 1943; he was then deported to Auschwitz on 31 August 1943. Alex was gassed on 3 September 1943 in Auschwitz.

“Deddy Wolters, parents unknown”

Tea survived the war in hiding in Rotterdam and The Hague. Lex used the name Deddy Wolters during the war, and lived with the family Borg in Almelo. He was, however, reported and deported to Westerbork. From there, on 13 September 1944, with 50 other children, he was transported to the concentration camps Bergen-Belsen and Theresienstadt and ended up in an orphanage. After the liberation, Lex was detailed as ‘Deddy Wolters, parents unknown” on a list of the survivors from Theresienstadt. The family he had lived with in-hiding recognised his name and had him collected. After the war, Tea and Lex were reunited.
With thanks to the family for sharing their family history and providing photos.

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